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10 do you know questions to ask and answer to understand your team members

Being a manager or leader is challenging, understanding what motivates your team members and team is essential but knowing the triggers and the reasons why can be hard to extract and ask.

Here are the ten do you know questions that will help develop you as a manager, your connections with your team members and a way to connect your colleagues around you to bring better departmental bonds.

Scroll down below the questions for the who, why, how and when to use these questions.

The 10 Do You Know Questions 

  1. Do you know what motivates your team member? 
  2. Do you know if the team member is an introvert, ambivert or extrovert? 
  3. Do you know how your team member gets to the office? 
  4. Do you know what type of praise your team member prefers? 
  5. Do you know what communication method gets the best cut through with your team member? 
  6. Do you know what type of management your team member prefers? 
  7. Do you know how your team takes the coffee or tea? 
  8. Do you know what their snack of choice is? 
  9. Do you know what the last achievement your team member is proud of? 
  10. Do you know where you can improve your team member over the next year? 


Managers – of teams. The large the team the more disciplined you will need to be to manage this correctly.

Department Leads – of small to mid-sized departments. Department leads of over 20 will be a challenge to keep updated unless you have regular skip meetings.

Culture Community Managers – great to get to know teams and people, will scale with the removing some of the ten.

C-Suite – for your fellow c-suite members and level below. Important to note that you will likely not want to do this but will be a good offsite and regular activity around quarterly business reviews and strategic sessions.

Office Managers – great to understand the lay of the company and how to motivate internal influencers.


Understanding your team and understanding your team members is one of the key lessons you are never properly taught within businesses, it is hinted at but very rarely ever taught. 

It is a sad truth and something many managers just do not know or make the time for. We are all limited on time however with the right prep and approach the ten do you know questions will set you up for long term success and a foundation to build and maintain relationships.


Ask yourself these questions and see if you can answer for each team member. 

Create a matrix with each team member on and add the answers in the matrix. If things change, update. Google sheets, excel, notion are all good options 

Incorporate these questions into every day settings and refer back subtly this will help you as a manager or a lead and will help know you understand them. 


In one to ones these questions will need a set up but are great in personal situations or to use in personal situations.  

Use these questions as a game, in group settings etc as a quick fire get to know me and get to know each other. 

Challenge yourself every quarter to revisit and understand how and why things changed.