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The Five Most Important Roles For Business Success In 2022

Each year I look forward and predict the roles that businesses should consider creating or internally hiring for to improve business performance and create focus (aka blending culture and strategy together). 

Culture Community Manager

Why? Company culture is going to be of paramount importance in 2022. Unhappy workforce, high demand for talent, number of roles being unfilled, the culture community manager will be the trusted glue between teams, management and HR.
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Head Coach AKA Performance Coach.

Why? For many businesses, they have not improved their teams and their people and it has hit a critical inflexion point. Professional coaching is not just CEO’s and professional athletes. It is for everyone, particularly those businesses that do not guide their training budgets and build teams full of specialists. Improving how the executive team performs and connects with their company coach. Executive coaching and development are imperative.
Coaching is the lost art within businesses and a coaching organisation is a better connected and more effective delivery based company.
A motto of mine: (like in commercial kitchens, you clean as you go) in the workplace you have to Coach as you go! 

“Air Traffic Controller”

Why? Speak to ten industry friends and what you will hear is; no one really knows what is going on and how we getting on with projects, product launches and campaigns. 

As an Ex Project Manager, it would be biased for me to recommend project managers again (like 2021’s recommendations) however, leaving updates and progress reports to department leads always muddies the water and adds internal misdirections. 

Strategy leads and Operational leads often operate too much in the 10000ft air to understand the importance.
An air traffic controller will keep the business moving forward and help to navigate complexities. This is a specialist role that needs someone with experience of running larger projects and a cross-functional expert, ideally with Product and Marketing experience. 

Transformation Lead 

Why? The pandemic has proven businesses rely on the wrong software.
Many forced offline work and practises online and did not find the right software to help increase connections, collaboration, or complete work more easily.
The transformation lead will help shift the wrong types of cross-functional software and meeting tools to the right collaborative software and tools. No more force fitting zoom for everything or using Google Meets because you are a Google Suite customer. 

Distribution Lead 

Why? The biggest problem in most businesses, distribution and ensuring enough of your customers see updates, understand the changes and understand how the new feature or product can help them specifically.
Product Marketers are brilliant and I have worked with some exceptional PMM’s, however, when your internal customer is as important as your external customer you need to really build plans to target the customer on the right channels with the right messaging and creatives. 

A distribution lead will think about the platforms, the creative, the messaging, the narrative, the nudges required (free tip: why you wouldn’t have one leader asking for internal NPS surveys vs having department leads push this across different deadlines for more effective responses) and focus on the delivery aspect of distribution as distribution has never been as challenging and harder to gain cut-through and importance of the platforms (think email vs instant messenger vs waiting for a meeting to discuss in person vs asynchronous communications like an internal wiki).   

It is important to note not all of these roles have to be new hires and very often an internal candidate knows the landscape the challenges and the heartbeat of the business, it is an important balance to understand and craft these roles to ensure business success.

New team members and leaders have the ability to reshape business, remove any bias or reset some internal social clout and capital that might exist.

Remember businesses win by solving customer problems, not just one pain point you might be experiencing internally. 

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