5 Leadership Books To Read In 2021

Here are the five business books I highly recommend reading by the close of 2021.

Including the Netflix culture book, Adam Grant’s take on thinking again, Matthew Syed’s way of rethinking the way we think and collectively learn, how to form better habits by Prof BJ Fogg and world war 2 inspired book by Malcolm Gladwell.

No Rules Rules – Reid Hastings & Erin Meyer

Why read it?

Great to understand how high-performance culture can be built and can be taught and if you do not fit, you can be moved on in the right way. 

Who should read it?

Business leaders and business owners.

Watch the below to help you get a flavour in under 6 minutes.

Think Again – Adam Grant 

Why read it?

Develop yourself and your understanding of changing your mind is improving yourself and improving performance.  

Who should read it?

Managers and leaders who would like to improve themselves and those around you. 

Watch this connected TED Talk 

The Bomber Mafia – Malcolm Gladwell 

Why read it?

Be inspired by World War 2 stories of leadership, how sometimes you have to proves it works before you spend hours on proof points and how many years later you might not regret your actions to win. 

Who should read it?

Managers and leaders who need inspiration and those who want to understand when tactics need tweaking but strategy stay the same. 

Listen to a preview of the book below:

Tiny Habits – BJ Fogg 

Why read it?

Want to understand what motivates people but keeps them improving and sticking to tasks, this book is a brilliant actionable book to take you from not completing tasks and converting back to old ways to changing your behaviours and forming habits. 

Who should read it?

Anyone who struggles with motivation and habit. Ideally leadership.  

Watch this connected video for inspiration 

Rebel Ideas – Matthew Syed 

Why read it?

This is in top 5 books that had a profound impact on my life, another is Matthew Syed’s other book black box thinking. It helps you understand how Collective intelligence, hierarchy, wisdom of crowds and innovation are key areas of life and business. 

Who should read it?

Leaders who want to question the status quo, improve as a leader and as a person.

Watch this for a teaser on what to expect from Rebel ideas

Enjoy reading these brilliant books and let me know what you think by emailing me below:

Danny Denhard

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