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Anxious About Returning To The Office?

Are you based in England and concerned around July 19th return to the office?

The future of work should be flexible and hybrid (consider reading our free hybrid office ebook), however, we have seen many businesses default to a return to the office.

Here are the questions to ask your leadership teams on how they are thinking and how they made the key decisions.

  • Clarity: What is the return to work plan?  
  • The Dates: When are you being asked to return? 
  • Is the return to the office being staggered? 
  • What teams will return and when? 
  • How was this decided? – Who made the decision? 
  • Is it full time, part time, rotating days in the office? 
  • What about Hybrid? 
  • How can I continue working from home? 
  • I have more dependencies now – how can I ensure there is more flexibility for me? 
  • How is this plan inclusive? 
  • Booking System: How will you book in and out of the office / from home / remote?  
  • Masks – will they be required? 
    • If not, how will you make me feel confident if I want to continue to work a mask? 
  • Feeling uncomfortable? Who do I speak to if I feel scared or anxious away from my boss? 
  • Company Wide Conversation: How can we have an open discussion on what we would like? 
  • What happens if we do not come in on the return to the office date? 

The below image is the shareable asset for your colleagues and leadership teams to answer:

Are you a leader and require help with how to handle the return to the office and making smart decisions? Here is how leaders lead in the run-up to the return to the office.

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