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What Bob Iger Thinks About Remote Work, RTO & Hybrid Work

Returning Disney CEO Bob Iger has announced that Disney employees are to return to the office (RTO) four days a week from the end of February.

Bob Iger recently appeared a A16Z crypto podcast with Chris Dixon and Sonal Chokshi. Bob answered a number of big questions from his career, to acquisitions, battle with Netflix, expanding operations in China and through to impact of covid and the next phase in web3.

Here are some of the highlights from what Bob Iger regarding the modern day workplace:

  • Company culture is impacted by remote and hybrid work 
  • Remote work and hybrid work is incredibly difficult to take place on zoom and slack.
  • Creative work and feedback requires nuance like body language in full feedback sessions
  • Why proximity matters, for performance and mentorship
  • And remote work is likely a generational requirement

Hear what Bob says in a 60 seconds explainer below

In Person Creativity & Connection: The broader podcast really dives into what has worked for Disney and what Disney adopted from their Pixar acquisition, for instance the reason why in person might be so important other than experience is Disney creates a dedicated space per movie and everyone works closely in this space from the beginning to the end of the movie and is vitally important for the process and what Disney lacked and was a tactic Pixar had that helped them leapfrog Disney before the acquisition.

Manage By Press Release: A tactic mentioned in ride of a lifetime, Bob’s autobiography is manage by press release and leveraging distribution of his important messages via the press and outlets. Is could be an example that Bob is using to align and send a message to his team(s).

Listen to the full podcast

Whatever our own personal preference is for remote and hybrid work, many older and powerful CEOs will default to what used to work and the current expectation of investors is work is better in person.

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