Fixing The Broken World Of Work With Briony Gunson

Briony Gunson – Mindset Coach, Meditation Trainer & Breathwork Facilitator

Briony and I have known each other for over a decade, I was lucky enough to know Briony in her previous career and it has been amazing to see Briony’s work helping so many people.

This was one of my favourite conversations of the last twelve months, not just for the podcast but as a conversation in general. We spoke for a long time post podcast and I predict Briony and I may have to do a few follow up’s.
Watch this space.

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Why Listen?

Briony is an inspiration, from recovering from anxiety and stress to becoming a mindset coach, a meditation trainer and a breathwork facilitator.

This is one of the most personal and open conversations on the fixing the broken world of work podcast series and it was a great privilege to be able to share so much with Briony and you.

Briony takes us on a journey of:

  • Mental health and why it is so important to be aware of
  • How mental health is evolving
  • How your mental health can help to transform physical health
  • Why early morning open air swims have been so important
  • Therapy and therapists role in peoples lives
  • Why breathwork is so important
  • Why our bodies are driven by our breath and controlling our breath
  • Why Yoga is vital to so many of us
  • Personal development starts with you
  • Everyone is facing similar challenges – it’s how you find the best course of action
  • Why retreats are going to so popular and a necessary part of life and work
  • You are the expert of yourself – why starting to listen to yourself and your body is so important

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Briony’s Key Quote

Having real curiosity about what your emotions are showing you and I can’t help, but think about this through the lens of digital marketing and or anything to do with technology these days, we’re obsessed with data and we want good quality, first party data, and in which to make decisions with you have your own first party data, which is your body sensations and your thoughts.

And so if we can have a greater awareness of our emotional landscape, and what feelings are here, they’ll be showing you things. So I would say my first tip is get to know your emotions in our culture, this may not be the same for everyone, but often, particularly in the world of work, we can strip away emotions in the name of professionalism, but all this is for me is actually just rejecting a huge part of human nature.

All we allow, quote-unquote good emotions. So people are allowed to be happy, like proud of their work, joyful with each other. Maybe you can be a bit stressed, so therefore maybe a bit angry or frustrated, but that’s it, we don’t really allow space or time for other emotions.

So I would say embrace your emotional self. We all experience emotions. It’s whether you’re expressing or not you know, to say you’re not an emotional person is to say, like, you’re not a breathing person. You will have emotions. So be curious about your emotions.

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Show Notes & Links

Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy

Something Briony and I didn’t get to discuss was psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, if you are looking for someone to explore this fascinating area with definitely speak to Briony.

Briony Gunson Full Bio:

Briony Gunson: business + mindset coach, meditation teacher + trauma-informed breathwork trainer.

Based in Manchester, UK, Briony works with businesses and private clients all across the world. Running courses, workshops and training to support wellbeing and mental health, she is passionate about exploring human potential using holistic modalities of the mind and body.

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