How To Tackle Work Burnout

It is coming to the end of the year, we have had another year of uncertainty, a year of constant change and for many working from home has been more challenging, especially for those who are extroverted. 

For others who have been able to work in the office, this is the first year of hybrid work and this brings its own set of issues and challenges. 

There are many methods to counteract and try and address burnout, here are a number of simple ways you can reduce and tackle burnout for you and your team.  


Are You Struggling To Connect With The Team Or With The Leadership Team

How to connect as a manager or department leader with a simple game

Do your team(s) think you just sit in management meetings, don’t know how the latest tech works and you ask repetitive questions and just cannot relate?

If you are being serious, at some point in your career you thought this and the chances are some of your team members think this right now.

The lack of face time, the lack of chances to get to know you and what drives you often causes disconnections and fear within teams. Department leads and heads are often disconnected by one to four managers.

Your disconnect or distance may be by design, however, it is important you build deeper and richer connections based on IQ and EQ (emotional intelligence). The old saying people don’t leave company’s they leave managers is true, but often this is indirect because your influence as a department lead is to be the inspiration point for the department and often your role as a leader is to be the active connector between your managers and their staff.

Leadership Trust

10 do you know questions to ask and answer to understand your team members

Being a manager or leader is challenging, understanding what motivates your team members and team is essential but knowing the triggers and the reasons why can be hard to extract and ask.

Here are the ten do you know questions that will help develop you as a manager, your connections with your team members and a way to connect your colleagues around you to bring better departmental bonds.

Scroll down below the questions for the who, why, how and when to use these questions.

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The 5 TikToks You Need To Answer

Over the last two years, the influence of TikTok on everyday life has increased, over the last twelve months we have seen a shift in social media to more focus on entertainment.

Over the past six months we have seen the number of work-related TikTok’s increase and many of them are actually what our teams and colleagues are thinking. Unfortunately, many are not in a place to be able to raise internally and is impacting your company culture.

Yes, they may appear parody, however, these five TikTok videos are all insights businesses need to prepare for, address poor team behaviour and develop plans for over the next couple of months.

Mental Health Concerns Ignored By HR


*HR sends an email about the EAP* #wfh #corporate #joblife #workfromhome #millennial #office #mentalhealth #foryou

♬ original sound – Laura

Bad Lunch Zoom Etiquette


Show off that lunch😉Use code NATALIELUNCH to get a free @elpolloloco lunch box (first 500 ppl only- link in bio) #NoSadLunches #elpolloloco #ad #fyp

♬ original sound – CorporateNatalie

No Thanks To Returning To The Office


Thanks but I’m good! #backtowork #wfh #office #introvert #remotework #workfromhome #2021 #kuwtk

♬ Kris Will Not Be Treated Like This from KUWTK – E! Entertainment

The Frustration Of Virtual Meetings


End of every zoom call, am I right?! #funny #fyp #2021 #lockdown

♬ original sound – Laura

Never On Mute


YOU CAN DO THIS, BRAD. I know you can. #wfh #corporate #zoom #meeting #9to5 #millennial #relatable

♬ original sound – Nathanael Parker

As per the five text messages you need to answer, these are all areas of the workday and future workday you need to prepare and address.

Are You Ready For The Future?
Are you and your business prepared for The Hybrid Office movement and creating your next office as the arena?

An important and actionable read: Here are the five questions you will need to answer.

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