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Fanclubs, Community, Tribes, Herds

I recently presented a presentation for the technology platform Funraisin at their digital giving summit.

The presentation was called:

Fanclubs, Community, Tribes, Herds, The Next Generation Of People Powered Businesses.

The presentation helps to guide businesses and charities to understand:

  • The next phase of business
  • The formation of people around core ideas and believes
  • Why fanclubs, community, tribes and herds are going to be shaping how we interact and support businesses
  • How to then proactively shape how we connect to other people and businesses.

The Full Presentation

If you attended the event and would like to rewatch the video click here.

Important Slides In The Presentation Broken Down

5Human Programming and how to understand how we are wired
7Social cognitive theory and how to understand the human hierarchy and how we understand connection and formation
11Social Platform numbers – how the numbers are so different and so large
12Being more than just a social media blast channel
13A wrong and false economy that is social media engagement
20Why games are leading the way we should think
21Rethink Apps and know which we use and why we use them
22Social and chat apps are becoming social-tainment, more than what we think today
24We are the anytime, anywhere generation and the impact (and responsibility) it has
25An exercise for you to do to start building and targeting the formation
27Human engineering and its importance
30The 3 internet identities that go unspoken but are how the internet works
31Insider intelligence – how to leverage insider information
32Communication evolution – hit learn to reverse engineer meme’s
35The formation’s broken down
37Fanclubs and their importance
38How Cameo can inspire you and your business
39 Community & its importance
40 Tribes and structure of tribal behaviour
42Why Alumni are different but a vital formation
43-46Herds, herd formation and learning to leverage the power of the alpha, beta and internal influencers
49The 4 F’s of formation flow: Feel, Fascinate, Future, Flourish
50SWOT – Helpful guide to kick start your formations
51Build, buy or rent – how to think about your tech stack
54Peer to peer secrets to help your formation
55Cheatsheet to use
56Signals of formation and time to leverage
5713 important tips

If you would prefer to watch the 8-minute presentation

Links and references in the presentation

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