Friday Focus

Friday Focus – 12th March

Today’s Five things to focus on this Friday and the week ahead is answering five important questions that will challenge and improve you and your business for the next quarter months ahead.

5 Questions To Tackle:

  1. What are we doing to improve our company culture?
  2. What are we planning to roll out to help reduce fatigue and burnout in our teams?
  3. How are we thinking about the hybrid office?
  4. How are we setting up our office for return to the office? AKA the office an arena, to ensure we have the right space, the right energy and the right tech in place?
  5. How are we helping to reduce meetings? Have we created a no meeting transitional plan?

Resources that will help you answer the 5 questions:

  1. What makes a great leader
  2. The future of work and the workplace
  3. Create a company-wide decision document
  4. Three questions to build better internal relationships
  5. How to review your working from home with a retro
  6. Proven tips to reduce WFH stresses
  7. Personal and professional SWOTs
  8. Improve fight, flight and freeze reactions
  9. Building strategy right with beliefs and bets
  10. Undercover and embracing your hidden leaders

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