How To Tackle Work Burnout

It is coming to the end of the year, we have had another year of uncertainty, a year of constant change and for many working from home has been more challenging, especially for those who are extroverted. 

For others who have been able to work in the office, this is the first year of hybrid work and this brings its own set of issues and challenges. 

There are many methods to counteract and try and address burnout, here are a number of simple ways you can reduce and tackle burnout for you and your team.  


Rest sounds easy but for many, this can be a challenge. Rest is the easiest way to reduce burnout and remove both mental and physical burnout. 

Rest is vital for replenishing and helps to improve quality of sleep. Sleep is essential and as someone who struggled to sleep well, there are many ways diet, hydration and long walks will improve your sleep.


Sunshine on our skin is known to help make us happier, releasing serotonin to make us happier, making us feel calmer and reducing stress.

Sunshine is nature’s way of resetting situations. Walk and talk meetings are brilliant for resetting the environment and reducing stress. 

Diet Change 

Food has a tremendous effect on us, eating unhealthily impacts our mood, our physical health and can increase stress. A diet change will take time and concentration but will help to improve how you feel and how you operate. 

Replacing the bad sugary snacks sounds easy but isn’t but this is proven to help you. Snacking on fruit and veg is proven to help boost moods and cognitive performance.

Drinking the right volumes of water and less caffeine is also proven to support cognitive fatigue and rebalance your anxiety levels throughout the day. 

Walks + Exercise 

Exercise is known to refresh us, increase our moods, increase our brain plasticity and if in the sunshine helps to boost our serotonin. Walks are known to refresh our minds, improve ideation, and release endorphins. 

Many businesses overlook the power of exercise and the connections walks and exercise can build between team members, consider how you could incorporate this naturally into teams or your business. 

Peer Support System 

You would be surprised to hear you won’t be alone in burnout, the best way to reduce burnout is to have a support network of peers who can listen, help to share their stories and proactively help you to reduce stress and work burnout. 

Peer support is one of the most effective in work burnout, especially if they have lived through it or living through similar situations. Be prepared to fully commit and be available to support others going through similar situations. One method I know to work for a c-suite leader is having their peer support meeting booked in every Tuesday morning at 08.30 and they suggested it directs their workweek.


Meditation has had a huge rise in popularity over the last five years, particularly throughout the pandemic. Meditation has helped for thousands of years, apps have enabled meditation to become more mainstream and keep you accountable for taking short and targeted meditation sessions. 

Many can struggle to get into meditation but is worth understanding which types of meditation work for you and experimenting. 

There are many resources online that will help you to find the right meditation for you.  


Mentors are an incredible resource not only for career and personal development but are great supports through busy periods of work and to reduce stress caused by work. 

Mentors are not there to counsel you but there to help reshape and reframe issues. Reverse mentorship is often something senior people forgot but is a great way to destress and learn about the business “on the ground”. 

Seeking out the right Mentors is critical for your development and support network and to reduce signs of fatigue and burnout. 


Professional coaches aren’t just for professional athletes and CEO’s they are for professionals at all stages of their careers. Coaches will help to develop your skills, help to build resilience and help to guide you through many situations you may struggle with.

Many coaches will be available at the cadence that works for you and will help to improve your skills from the first couple of coaching sessions.

Be clear about what you require and which skills you will need help developing, coaches will be able to work this through however it is important you know which are vital for you.

A professional and personal SWOT will help you to determine this.  


Therapy is the natural step, a trained professional who can unpick underlining issues and help to shape and reframe issues. Therapy can be something your business can fund, it is being taken more seriously with the move to supporting mental health through packages and app subscriptions. 

One important thing to remember with therapy is this is for you, this is for you personally and professionally.  

Best of luck reducing your work burnout, consider how these nine areas can be applied to your work week. Consider starting with reshaping your calendar and putting your time and energy first.

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