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July 19th – Time For Leaders To Lead

Important Leadership Tips For Returning To The Office 

Your teams will be nervous about July 19th, there will be many who look forward to the old normal, there are many who are used to this normal and enjoy working remotely, and there are many who expect a hybrid office approach.

Here are the leadership tips to follow to ensure smooth sailing for July 19th – back to the office day.

  • Be Human! Lead with EQ then IQ 
  • Safety First: Make everything as safe as possible 
  • Answer The Big Questions Upfront: What happens if someone gets sick? 
  • Stagger the return – explain why and how teams were decided 
  • Crystal Clear Comms: Create crystal clear communications, use stories format, email, video and audio. Make it available to all in all formats 
  • Create a return to the office roadmap – with firm dates and explanations 
  • Deliberate communications > Over communications 
  • Record on a video with the clear communications and requests – make your messages stick in formats people use most
  • All managers to have the same answers – help to have open FAQ’s and open discussion with teams and departments where possible 
  • Cheatsheet: Create a cheatsheet for people to go away digest and a set of deadlines to ask questions around 
  • Remove any stigma around masks and mask wearing – make it ok for people to wear a mask or not wear  – personal preference 
  • Help create flexible working environments – book in and book out 
  • Offer flexible time schedules and times that suits the teams (think of your types of employees: parents, those with disabilities)
Share with your fellow managers and leadership team to address any concerns

Are you looking for the questions to expect from your teams? Here is a definitive list of return to the office questions to expect and answer.

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