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Leaders Letter 133 – Leadership & New Years Resolution

Dear Leaders, I trust you are having a great holiday break.

This week I speak to my friend Keith, he is my former colleague, ironman, COO of a challenger brand and as well as a personal trainer. I asked him how to juggle a career and a passion and how to kickstart your health journey for the new year.

I trust this helps you for January!

Q1. As the COO of a busy startup, you are challenging bigger well known brands and going fast is a given, what are your new three resolutions to improve 2023 for the company? 

  1. Keep investing in people as much as possible
  2. Ensure we focus on the biggest product levers that help raise more money
  3.  Always keep and build momentum

Q2. What are two key non-negotiables within your leadership team that you hold everyone accountable to? 

  1.  Trust
  2.  Quality. The more quality, the more raised.

Q3. Is there one book/podcast/video you would recommend any leader to watch? And why?

Atomic Habits by James Clear. It’s all about marginal gains.

Bonus is a 3min watch of Nick Bare Video around discipline at 6mins into the video and 8min:30secs and absence of purpose.

Q4. You have always been someone who builds community within businesses, you are an ironman trainer, a PT and a busy COO, what are the important steps to help leaders improve their physical health? 

Ask yourself “am I happy with my health?”

If the answer is no, then maybe think of a challenge that would motivate you and sign up for it. Then explore the process of creating a healthy body, which then creates a healthier clearer mindset, that then leads to a happier and highly productive you. 

Either way, have the discipline to build some focused activity and movement into your daily, weekly life. Really focus on it being your time getting active whether it’s dialling in on yoga form, walking, easy running or a hard gym session. Do it without distractions, including phones.

And make sure it’s sustainable. For example, it’s better to start with one press-up on day 1, then two on the second day, then three on the third and so on than start with a completely unrealistic goal.

Q5. What are the simple 3 steps you advise your clients on to get started with their health journey? 

  1. Understand why you want to be more healthy, and visualise what success would look like and how you would feel when you got there.
  2. Talk to someone who has been through the journey to understand the path to take and create a plan to be accountable for. Or if you don’t know where to start and need someone to make you accountable, hire a Personal Trainer initially to get you on the right path that suits your lifestyle.
  3. Commit, be consistent and celebrate every small win.

» Connect with Keith on LinkedIn, his PT website and check out funraisin.

Have a great break and I will see you in the new year.

Thanks and happy new year,

Danny Denhard

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