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Leaders Letter 18 – Text Helpline

Text Helpline


Dear Leaders,

We are ~78% the way through 2020, I know it is likely the most challenging year of your life.

I set up an anonymous text helpline back in July to help people concerned about their companies to text me directly so I could pick up their concerns (anonymously).

The typical use case is unhappy middle to senior managers having concerns and wanting me to act on their behalf and speak to their leadership team to help develop out their company.  

This week I want to extend the invite to Leaders on Leaders Letters and to help you with one of your problem areas.

This could be company culture, it could you are struggling with your company strategy or you need a question answered about 2021 planning.

One way I helped a company recently was helping them to move from tactical and channel thinking into a long term strategy by removing we have tried that and it didn’t work and taking ideas from everyone vs just the Head’s of and above.
Guess what, more puzzles were solved then problems raised. If you need an external opinion, you can text my dedicated helpline and I will come back to help you.

The number is +447480064060 and will be there for help.

This number can also be used if you are looking for a NED, a dedicated coach or mentor or would like to discuss how we could work together.

I have made it one of my missions to help business of all shapes, sizes and success and this helps me to get closer to helping more businesses.

Thanks and have a good week,

PS. If you don’t like to text, you can email me on