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Leaders Letter 195 – The 5 Best Podcasts To Improve Your Leadership

Dear leaders, many of you ask for follow-up recommendations for books, documentaries and podcasts.

This week I am going to offer you 5 podcasts (in YouTube format for you visual learners) that will help you to improve your leadership, including leaders from NetflixStripeAmazon and Activision Blizzard, with 5 reasons to listen. 

In many businesses and leadership teams I recommend you create a podcast club to improve and share knowledge. Podcast clubs go away, listen, take notes and then come together in 30-minute power sessions, compare notes, discuss what you can roll out internally and then share to the rest of the business to inspire action.

Tim Ferriss Interviews Ex-Stripe COO Claire Hughes Johnson 

How to Take Radical Ownership of Your Life and Career

Why Listen?

  • Claire and Tim go deep into Claire’s working principles from her brilliant book Scaling People: Tactics for Management and Company Building (UK Book LinkUS Book Link)
  • Why personality insights are either great guides or seen as horoscopes
  • Why many Managers & Department leads actually waste time on underperformers rather than high performers – and how you can move your department forward with leadership
  • How to set clear goals and keep on top of progress while not overburdening your team
  • Understand board responsibilities and your long-term commitment as a board member

This podcast is great for COOs, People leaders and low EQ CEOs.

Elizabeth Stone Netflix CTO is interviewed with Lenny on Lenny’s Podcast

Why Listen? 

  • Understand why leaders’ journeys are so varied and not as straightforward as you think (from data analyst and trader to CTO of Netflix is not)
  • Why data so closely linked to Netflix’s success and why Netflix is in the pole position as the industry leader in streaming
  • Why being present is more than just being in a meeting and engaging in meetings and working sessions – just being there is not enough
  • How breaking the rules on sharing important information and updates is critical 
  • Open slots in your calendar are vital in building the right internal management culture – think of why ‘skip meetings’ and cross-functional relationships are so important (tip: do more cross-functionally than other leaders, it really pays back)  

This podcast is great for data driven leaders and CEOs looking to refresh their C-Suite with different approach to leadership.

Vinted CEO Thomas Plantenga & Investor Alex Taussig On 20VC

Why listen? 

  • To understand marketplaces and marketplace dynamics properly. I can tell you from working across numerous marketplaces so many do not understand how two and three-sided marketplaces work and how to assign resources accordingly
  • Why cheap isn’t always a bad business – but challenging
  • Why going again and again was critical for Vinted (and will be for you too)
  • Why pricing changes were critical to survive and then thrive 
  • Why localisation of product is critical and why many fail with localisation of their product

This podcast is great for GMs, CEOs looking to make a real impact and rethink their relationship with their board and investors.

LuLu Cheng Meservey On How I Write Podcast

Why Listen? 

  • Learn how to write important updates and consider how to write for the right audiences 
  • Why writing is much clearer than speaking (and why writing will be critical for leadership for years to come)
  • How the right updates (externally) make the real difference, rather than just BAU and noisy product feature releases 
  • How the next crisis might not be as bad as you think with the right prep and right PR work system 
  • Understand the tech you are promoting and be prepared to answer the difficult questions – you are front and centre

This podcast is great for comms leads, CEOs with less PR and press support and Marketing leads wanting to improve Product releases.

Jeff Bezos On Lex Fridman Podcast

Why Listen?

  • Jeff Bezos masterclass on metrics and why so many are looking backwards not forwards
  • How space is being rethought and why Blue Origin is about hope and having a big personal project for a good cause
  • Understanding principles and setting business principles so your leadership team and their departments can move the business forward
  • Why companies who ignore papercuts (small problems) lose – concentrating on the big problems with teams and ignoring papercuts is bad business and bad leadership
  • How enforcing day 1 thinking helps businesses to focus on the customer and not

This podcast is great for founders, CEOs, CMOs and operators who are looking to step up and recalibrate their company for long-term success.

This week’s action is to select the podcast that jumps out to you most and then listen and share insights and your notes with your fellow leadership team. 

Thanks and have a great week improving as a leader. 

Danny Denhard