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Leaders Letter 2 – Ride Of A Lifetime

Ride Of A Lifetime


Dear Leaders,

I trust this week has been productive.
I have recently finished Bob Iger’s The Ride Of A Lifetime, it is a truly remarkable business and leadership book.

Why read (or listen) the book?
Bob tells his detailed account of his early career inside TV and TV production, his career progression from a young leader inside ESPN through to thinking he was going to be overlooked when COO at Disney to take over from previous CEO Michael Eisner. The book is full of life and work lessons, the pressure of work and being able to think clearly and for the long term.

Bob’s account is more detailed than his masterclass and much better value.

Bill Gates has also recommended the book and said “a business book I’d actually recommend”.

Something to take away from this book is:
‘Never start small’
‘Never start negatively’.

Wise words!

Focus On:
In the coming weeks it is going to be important to zoom out, think big and productively with possibilities.

Until next week, focus on starting big and positively.

Danny Denhard