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Leaders Letters 22 – It Is AMA Time For Your Business?

It Is AMA Time For Your Business?


Dear Leaders,

Welcome to the new home of the weekly newsletter.
Back to the usual programing.

Last week I took on the challenge of an AMA, I have done a few AMA’s (ask me anything) in different formats and have always been enjoyable and challenging in equal measures.

Why tell you about the AMA?

Something I regularly recommend to clients is to run an AMA series with their company or agency, AMA’s have to be run regularly (I recommend monthly) from Senior Leaders and to leverage multiple formats, whether it is written (live on open docs, Slack or Teams), on video (Livestream on Zoom etc) or a popular method amongst leaders currently is an audio format like a podcast.

All of these options are great as they can be saved (Shopify have leaned into internal podcasts in a big way) and reshared with a library of content to help your team get the answers they actually want. You can also hold yourselves accountable.

Things to remember with AMA’s:

  • Be Transparent – with numbers, answers and your personality
  • Offer An Opinion – this is where colleagues will connect with you and help to understand you (and the leadership team taking part)
  • Show Vulnerability – essential for building trust, especially when we are facing everything that 2020 is throwing at us
  • Do Not Ignore Questions – offer an answer or insight and if don’t have the full answer, say so. If you do not understand the question, ask what they meant by it
  • Anonymity – Upfront work out if you need anonymous Q&A, it is a good way to offer any question to ask, however it does mean people hide behind and will not explain a question if you do not fully understand it
  • Show Expertise – the questions are there to help you lead and show colleagues you are leading the company forward
  • Empower Others – bring in those who are in a better place to answer the question

AMA’s are also a powerful way to introduce new leaders into the business or refresh leaders who have been with the business for a long time but do not play a front-facing (people facing) role.

Last week’s Leaders Letters AMA included a number of question themes, there were a number of questions that will likely help you on your leadership journey or share with your team or fellow managers. I have shared a number of links in the AMA that will help for more context.

  • What is the key management tip for people in startups? – Link
  • What do you recommend to improve a team? Link
  • Which companies are “getting it right” for Brand, Product, Culture? – Link
  • What are the work podcasts you never miss? – Link
  • Where do you think companies go wrong with growth teams? – Link
  • What was the biggest business lesson you learnt from your most senior role? – Link
  • What is one thing companies don’t do enough? – Link
  • How many times should we revisit our company strategy? – Link

This week focus on introducing or optimising your AMA format. This is different from your stand up or weekly updates and will compliment and open your business up to a more transparent and connected business.

Thanks and good luck with your AMA,


PS. I updated my what company culture is and is not onto LinkedIn and Slideshare, have a read through and let me know if you have any questions