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Leaders Letter 3 – Future Seers

Future Seers


Dear Leaders,

I trust this week has started off productive and you have learned from lesson 1; developing your existing internal leaders and lesson 2; starting off projects and your weeks positively.

This weeks point to focus on is finding the “future seers“. This short five minute video will help to guide you on future seers.

There are many people in your organisation that live in the present and that is ok.
There are actually many more long serving staff members that live in the past and the past glories, who reminisce but struggle to grow and evolve with the future.

There are very few that can see and live in the future, these are the people who will drive your brand forward and guide you through the headwinds all of us will be fighting.

Until next week, focus on finding the future seers in your organisation and enabling them to start co-creating the future of your company and guide those around them who struggle to live in the near future.

Danny Denhard