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Leaders Letter 54 – 7 Leadership Lessons

7 Leadership Lessons 

21st June 2021.

Dear Leaders, 

I am in the middle of writing a book, well I have been writing it for about six months. 

The truth is, it is a passion project, however, it is connected to my personal leadership learnings and lessons from the last twenty years of working professionally. Including some battle scars.

As you can imagine some of these lessons have been shared in some form with you in leaders letters aka the focus newsletter

Recently I was due to speak at an online event and had an opportunity to speak on any topic, I decided to share 20 lessons in the 20-minute session. Unfortunately, the event didn’t go ahead but here are my lessons nonetheless.

I categorised the lessons and have shared the seven dedicated leadership lessons below: 

The Seven Leadership Lessons: 

  1. Understand the unit economics
    – understand how the business is truly operating, especially when you have multiple business lines 
  2. Be deliberate with EVERYTHING
    – don’t let sloppiness impact you 
  3. Understand roles change and peoples perspectives do too 
  4. Hierarchy is important & so is guidance
    – without guidance hierarchy doesn’t have context or relevancy 
  5. Growth is about 1% increases every day
    Growth is more about the constant improvements than one large push and slump 
  6. No one really understands strategy properly – That’s why everyone calls everything strategy &  every team creates “a strategy”
  7. Some people like and want micromanagement
    – it’s true & they ask for it. It’s how you develop these people away from micro to macro 
Be deliberate with everything

There are many more you will find useful in the 20 lessons and even with a couple of lessons they go against the “expert” advice you will read or watch on YouTube by the leadership guru’s etc.  

For the the full 20 lessons and deck I was due to run through, you can download as a PDF at the bottom of the dedicated blog post. 

Have a great week,

Danny Denhard

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