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Leaders Letter 64 – Leveraging Your Edge

Dear Leaders, 

In the recent weeks we have read numerous stories about returning to the office, how some have thrived working remotely, how others have really struggled working from home and I have banged my own drum about the future of work is hybrid and then most recently answering an anonymous career advice question on how Google got it wrong with their it’s ok to manifesto

We have heard from managers struggling, teams screaming loudly they are close to burnout and it has even been suggested it is the hardest phase for leaders of businesses in decades. 

Today I think it’s only fair to make it about you specifically. 

We all have that one thing, our edge, in many cases, it is the competitive edge that makes us stand out over our colleagues, other candidates at job interviews or hopefully as leaders.
For the record: I’d recommend it should be a good edge, not a nasty characteristic you may have. Ruthlessness is a two-edged sword.

In my coaching sessions, one of the most important questions I ask is “what is your edge?” 

Many answer this question too quickly and rarely do I think they have it right the first time around.
Why? Many answer the question with what they tell themselves not with the true answer. 

I will ban ‘Hard Work’ and working the hardest as hustle doesn’t scale when you need to bring others up around you.

After being told this on a handful of occasions and in a mentoring session, my own personal edge:
An ability to explain things simply and act as the translator in the management team and with leadership teams

A good friend’s competitive edge is being the best internal communicator I know, particularly in writing, they understand how to write something compelling, challenging or complex in such a way it is an art form and just gets cut through. 

Today it’s time to ask yourself and find out what your edge is and how you can leverage this again (and again)? 

The questions to ask yourself:

  • What is your edge? 
  • What would others say your edge is? 
  • Where do you get your edge from? (Hint therapists always point to your childhood)
  • How would you choose to turn it up when required? 
  • Is this an edge you want to teach those around you? 

In the week to come, I’d love for you to answer these and consider how you might help teach your edge to one or two people around you. If you have a team this can be an exercise you try out and ask for input from the team around them.

If you feel comfortable, you can always reply and tell me your edge, I’d love to connect more. 

Have a great week, 


Danny Denhard

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