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Leaders Letter 68 – Take A Mental Health Day

Taking A Mental Health Day 

Dear leaders,

Something I am a firm believer in is a mental health day (or what some still refer to as a duvet day), the last 18 months has been testing for so many of us.

I wanted to practise what I preach and take this week’s letter off as a mental health day. 

With that said, the focus site has had some great content to read the last few weeks and today, I recommend you take a read of three articles and listen to the focus podcast this week.

  1. The Focus 5×5 Matrix – frameworks are the most read and shared leaders letter content, so take a read through to create a better more interactive feedback-driven way of working that will drive your business forward  
  2. Strategy is baking a better cake – strategy is the most popular category of content for leaders letters.
    This dedicated strategy piece helps you understand that strategy is like becoming a master baker, by tweaking your recipe, the equipment and by challenging the way it has always been done you create a better strategy 
  3. 12 pieces of management advice to improve your department and company performance – 12 pieces of actionable advice you as the leader can set in motion over the next fortnight. 
  4. Fixing the broken world of work podcast – there are seven episodes in season one, all helping to improve work for you and those around you. Definitely jump over to Apple, Spotify or Google or wherever you listen to your podcasts. 

Remember I also offer anonymous career advice, please do take advantage of asking a question.

Have a great week and remember to put your own health first. 

Thanks and go well this week,

Danny Denhard