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Leaders Letter 82 – The 4F Framework: Feel, Fascinate, Future, Flourish

Dear Leaders, Happy New Year. I trust you are rested and prepared for the year ahead.

The first leader’s letter of 2022 is:

The 4F Framework: Feel, Fascinate, Future, Flourish

In a keynote presentation from Q3 2021, I presented the idea of fan clubs, tribes, communities and herds

I created what I called a formation flow, it is 4 F’s that are easy to remember and a flow of importance. 

It was:

It’s a flow through from: Feel => Fascinate => Future => Flourish.  

The 4F Flow is how you enable people to feel part of a “formation” and in this case your community; it is why we see herds of people come together around a big cause or a movement, it is why people build tribes within workforces and around ideas and why fan clubs are created around a club or a person. 

4F Framework For Work 

This also applies to how people within your business operates and see their role within the business. 
It’s part of the Focus 2P’s (people (company culture) & performance (1 x company-wide strategy))

  • Feel: How the people Feel within a team or a project 
  • Fascinate: How people are Fascinated about a problem or a solution they are working on.
    Often teams will be fascinated by the cause or the mission of the company and need to be fascinated in the future. 
  • Future: Seeing their Future within the company and having a clear picture of what their future looks like and their long term within the business.
    The most common reason for smart people to leave a business is feeling like they do not have a (mid to long term) future within the business 
  • Flourish: How people’s career is going to Flourish within the business and how you are building a future for them 

The 4F’s go in order, make someone feel connected and heard, create fascination around their role and build a vision of their future alongside the future of the business and show how they will flourish and be part of the company flourishing in the future. 

Question to ask and answer this week:

Are you ready to roll out the 4F formation to your team members?

Have a great first week back at work.


Danny Denhard