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Leaders Letter 90 – 3 Out Of The Box Ideas To Create Team Connection

Dear leaders, I trust you have had a good and productive week. 

This week I am going to offer three ideas for you to consider. 

Why? I am often creating ideas for others to implement, my iMessage and WhatsApp is often pinged with someone asking for a framework or idea or new concept to try out. 

Over the last few months I have offered three or four ideas for friends and business owners to try out, so I thought I would share those with you. 

Podcast Clubs 

You have heard of book clubs and film clubs, this is podcast club, I have actually seen this work and it really helps people form a connection, in and out of work. 

It is important to find a podcast you connect with the host and theme and discuss the episode together. Some approach it like a listening party, so all listen together, others use time like a book club do to listen separately and then come together to discuss. 

Importantly, works in person, remotely and hybrid

Story-based podcasts work best, I would recommend masters of scale if you are in tech. 

Team Wordles

Wordle became a phenomenon and is an activity some tend to do alone, one company I recommend this to actually tackled it together, it made one activity every morning something to collaborate on and work through together. It becomes a competition and one to bury the rivalry.
TriviaHQ was another app that was something I remember a previous team loved playing together and made 15.00 their time and importantly time they blocked out and stopped everything for. It was a joy to see them collaborate, laugh and create together. 

This idea also works in person, remotely and hybrid. 

Rock Paper Scissors

A few years ago I ran a workshop with a great brand, there was an issue, many of the team who attended the workshop didn’t know each other and had never really worked as a unit. 

It was a group that should have collaborated but the company were not set in the way to enable this. At the start of each session, we would have different objectives to hit and teams would swap over. 

At the beginning of each session, I would make the teams play a quickfire Rock Paper Scissors and the winner would be the leader of the group.
One factor of this day of workshops: All decisions had to be agreed upon before they moved forward. 

If a decision couldn’t be agreed upon, we would then make them play Rock Paper Scissors to get to the answer. It would show competitiveness but also it created a glue between them. You will be surprised by how a quick game will connect people, personalities shine through in games, you learn a lot quicker through games and stories. 

This idea also works in person, remotely and hybrid, just be careful of lag times and cheaters.

FWIW these ideas can help with teamwork, company culture and with tactical enhancements, but can also show the competitive natures, the cheaters (the win at all cost team members) and can identify those who just aren’t podcast fans.

This week why not consider using these or tweaking to work within your business. 

Thanks for reading and have a great week. 

Danny Denhard

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