Leaders Letter Newsletter

Leaders Letter 92 – What Questions To Ask This Month To Improve Your Performance For Your People?

Dear Leaders, 

March is often the most important month in the year to review how companies are progressing, how the morale and the performance of teams are going and preparing to review the five-year plan. 

Remember my motto;
Think 5 years aheadPlan 3 years aheadAction the year ahead.

So here is a list of questions you will want to ask internally and ask your fellow leaders, answer and then address: 

Strategy & Performance 

  • Do we trust the plan ahead?
  • If we were to change one part of the plan what would it be? 
  • Are there new market conditions we did not plan for or consider?
  • Have we returned to normalised seasonality? 
  • Can we ramp up our spending to accelerate growth? 
  • What would be the best investment to improve company-wide performance? 
  • What do the next six months look like if performance stagnates? 
  • What one hire would positively improve our leadership team? 

Company Culture & People 

  • How are our people doing?
  • How are our people reacting to ever-changing conditions? 
  • If we were to make one change to make people happier at work what would it be? 
  • How is our hiring going? 
  • Do we need to implement any company-wide training? 
  • Are our people in the right internal roles? 
  • Do we need more coaches and mentors?

Important Resources To Help You Answer These Questions 

I trust you work through these with your fellow leaders and consider how you could remove barriers for your performance and your people. 

Have a great week ahead and remember that your leaders should always think action, plan, think model to help address performance people issues alongside leading your business to success years for the next five years. 


Danny Denhard