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Leaders Letter 94 – Quest Lists

Dear leaders, this week I am going to introduce you to one of my own personal practices, this time I am going to introduce you to my annual quests list. 

Every year I keep a quest (like missions but actually able to complete) list that I want to achieve. They are more than personal year resolutions because I hold myself accountable. 

Here are my current quests.

My outstanding 2022 quests are:  

  • Guest lecture at universitywhy? I never went to uni and I want to provide an accurate story of work and what is happening through my experience 
  • Appear on a tier 1 podcastwhy? I have had two podcasts and write two weekly newsletters, I want to be able to add value to the biggest audience possible. 
  • Take on 2 more coaching clientswhy? I love mentoring and coaching. I love seeing people develop their skills and want to help improve two more people in the coming year.  
  • Keynote a conference (hybrid or IRL)why? I speak at conferences, I have spoken at many over the last 13 years, I want to keynote a conference this year with a hybrid audience as it is new and will be the first time talks will be as much for that on-demand as in person. 
  • Take on another NED rolewhy? I have a broad skill set and I want to help businesses to develop with my skill set and help to shape a company with my unique perspective where company culture and strategy have to be aligned (my P+P mantra of performance + people). I also love seeing the lightbulb switch on with professionals who just haven’t found the right switch yet.   
  • Get better at storytellingwhy? Storytelling is one of the opportunities on my SWOT analysis and I believe getting better at storytelling is going to be vitally important when there are too many data points available, storytelling will cut through when data is inconclusive or actually divides teams and companies. 
  • Release a brand new productwhy? I release “products and services” every year, a lot of them are for my own test and learn approach to life. I haven’t launched a new product officially in 2022 (although I have a number of templates and frameworks in the works). 

What are your quests for this year?

Do you have any and why’s for them? 

As previously hinted at I am slowly writing a book, this is more of a personal mission for me than an annual quest but it’s coming together. 

Want to help me with my quests? Or can you help with any of my quests? Definitely get in touch.

Have a great week and think about how you can create an actionable quest list (or help your team members create their own).


Danny Denhard

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