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Leaders Letter 96 – Remove Constant Content & Content Noise!

Dear leaders, are you an inbox zero or 100s of unread notifications person? 

It appears we fall into these two camps, the one common theme is the constant stream of noise, notifications and content. 

With the constant noise and demand for our attention, how do you cut through with essential information? 

Many businesses have adopted more = better. 

More slacks, more calls, more meetings, more decks, more…more…more. 

A quick why: I believe this has happened:
(1) the chat-ification of work happened and we have been conditioned to message more and
(2) we are hit with more noise and more notifications as we live in a feeds driven world and we believe what most companies and departments are doing – sending more. 

More doesn’t mean better. 

More comms is more noise and means your message won’t land. 

Like the person in meetings who just talks without saying anything and constantly has to add their opinion, not their feedback. 

Let’s commit, to being better, not more. 

Focus on sending better communications, get everyone together and has rules on what is important communications, where you send them and what communications you will have to read. 

Gone are the days every email is read from the big boss, from your own boss and not every important document with essential information is read, therefore, create a process that everyone understands. 

Deliver the most important message with fewer comms, not more. 

Use a blend of storytelling techniques; audio, video and written numbers to hit the right message. 

Ask for confirmation of reading/viewing and ask for feedback, not opinion. 

In the very near future, less is more. Especially in the world where asynchronous work and hybrid work are what many demands and few are really delivering. 

This week commit to communicating more effectively, improving performance and culture by improving your internal communication.


Danny Denhard

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