Microsoft’s Metaverse – The Rush For The Next Revolution

There is a lot made of the metaverse and what it is and is not.

Brands like Meta (Facebook), Microsoft and Apple have all been discussing what the metaverse is and is not for them.

A quick TLDR Metaverse guide:

  • It is a new digital world we will choose to live and operate in.
  • In the metaverse you will likely be an avatar that acts and works differently to your real life
    • Importantly. we may struggle to live in both simultaneously
  • You will likely have to choose if you live and work in the real world of the metaverse
  • It’s not for a single company to own.
  • The metaverse is an organic digital world everyone will have to do build for it to work and be somewhere people will want to live.
  • There will be spaces where businesses will build areas or territories but will not own
  • The Workplace metaverse Meta (Facebook) and Microsoft are currently fighting out is (VR) headsets on top of their own exisiting platforms, with a new set of AR filters and “presence” – feeling like you are close to them and in the same room.
  • Microsoft is using teams as their platform, Meta will use gaming, Workplace and new platforms on top of messaging to be part of their work metaverse.
  • Apple’s dive into the metaverse will the first real move to consumerise the metaverse, rumoured to be available from 2022, with a combination of headset and handset
  • This intersection is not the metaverse. It’s a tiny layer of developing a section of the metaverse.
  • Brands see the metaverse as the next platform paradigm shift, so think about how we shifted to personal computers, then to laptops, then more recently to the mobile and in the future potentailly to the metaverse.
  • Hearing big brands and tech players talk about Work + Metaverse is a play for other companies to understand the direction they are working in and a play to be the piping and the platform and others to be partners.
  • When there’s no leader or ruler and it’s the world west we will get the worst world first
    • Expect the Metaverse to be a lot like the NFT and crypto world to begin with, uncertainity and complex to understand, it will mature quickly, with more adoption
  • The Metaverse is for the ultimate long term – it will take years to build and nuture.

Microsoft Narrative – Much Watch

Mixrosoft CEO Satya Nadella’s new world of work conversation with HBR.

Microsoft metaverse narrative shaping with EMEA president Ralph Haupter

So, why the noise why right?

Big brands will be talking about it for column inches but aren’t doing anything for the development of a digital world where people will choose to be their real selves or a new digital version.

Why Big Tech & The Metaverse

Big tech brands want to be front of mind with metaverse conversations, Meta wants to be connected to it and be seen as thought leaders to help their shift from Facebook and previous issues they created.

Physical Goods Brands Going Meta

A good example of how to reshape your thinking, Nike will be selling trainers you’ll never wear. They are sneaked in a preview of Nikeland, their attempt to introduce a layer into the digital world.

John Lewis and ITV partnered to leverage Fortnite’s platform to offer a shop, this is more of a virtual world but a good primer for what is to come.

The discussion around the next platform is important to understand and prep for.

How to consider the Metaverse

Right now the metaverse is in the earliest forms of being created, there are numerous complexities to work through, specifically technology issues and building the right infrastructure. Be prepared to hear more about the metaverse and it being connected to NFT’s, crypto and Meta.

Good content to help you understand it more:

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