Planning The Post Pandemic Reopening

As large companies in the US slowly reopen their offices, I wanted to write a quick tip to win as a leader of a company or a department.

As a leader, you need to know when to let people work and let people play.

Once your offices open up (between 10% and 30%) and you look to organise the safe first on-site or offsite.

Please think before you act, think before action is essential here.

First Comes Mentor Time

At the off-site (on-site), allow people to play first, then see the work bubble to the surface and then keep bubbling.

You’ll be surprised by the impact and reconnection that comes and then the will and desire to win together.

People First Approach

Many colleagues have lost their connections.
Many colleagues have got used to the transactional nature of video calls.
This may not need a hard reboot, but multiplayer and team-first connections need to be re-established semi organically.

It is worth keeping in mind, some of the strongest bonds would have been lost or broken in the pandemic, it is for those who lost this to build the actual bridge, you have to be willing to understand the subcultures and environment and repoint the company compass.

It is important to understand and guide your teams that despite the nostalgia for pre pandemic times, we will be operating in a hybrid office environment and this does mean that we have to be deliberate, intentional with everything, have more focus on those around us. No in office team vs digitally remote team hierarchy.

The buzz of an on-site or offsite needs to carried through to work, this will come from connected ideation, a long term project within a flexible framework and come from continued interaction. You will need to plant the seeds, water them and then let them flower and blossom.

People + Tech

A blend between voice, story format video with overlays and instructions, documentation and of course video meetings will help continue the connections and enable working relationships to rebuild and grow.

Then Coach Time

  • Bring forward the focus,
  • Your connective vision,
  • Co-build the plan,
  • Let your co-pilot and captain step up and lead.
  • Allow the team breathe, provide space and trust,
  • Then allow a couple of passion projects alongside an important long term project.

This is by all means not a guaranteed formula for success, however, this is a framework to help you rebuild your team’s connections and provided an ability to lead out of this global crisis.

Remember, “Leaders lead” so your behaviours and cues are key to winning.

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