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Prepare yourself and your HR team for difficult conversations

Since the start of 2020 we have seen a number of business changes, one important area that has not changed as much as normal is hiring and natural staff turnover. 

As we see more vaccinations and confidence come back into economies, we will see large numbers of staff reconsider the roles they are in, their role within their team and importantly within their organisations. 

We have seen in 2021 that many people are living in the better the devil you know, we are about to see this change. 

Change Is Coming

This is where business leaders have to start internal conversations around the management team table, around the exec table and bring in human resources to start preparing for the influx of difficult conversations around staff members wanting to explore their options and for some receive offers from other companies and in some cases staff leaving for complete career changes.

Get Ahead Of Turnover

If your department or team has seen turnover, do not expect this to end, action the following:

  • Gather intel
  • Create a market overview
  • Understand how the market has evolved for your department and their roles
  • Consider how you and your business will approach talent retention and career development for each staff member individually.

This period is essential to understand the motives behind wanting to leave or a desire to improve their skills and where you are placed to assist. 

Learn From The Market & Other Companies

In recent conversations; poor company culture, lack of career development and weak company strategy have all been areas raised as to why staff have wanted to leave.

In other conversations, something that many businesses have ignored is the requirement from the teams for hybrid and flexible working from home.
Do not allow your inflexibility in shifting to the hybrid office or making important tweaks including introducing hybrid perks

Not A Normal Time

This situation is something a manager or department lead experiences throughout the year, however, with summer approaching and changing landscape, we will see a rush for talent.
We will likely see more investment made into company developments and into key growth departments and more roles becoming available, more recruitment companies contact staff and headhunters going through teams and approaching them for an alternative role.

Prepare Yourself & Your Future

As a manager or department lead it is imperative to have discussions around headcount and knowing if you are likely to lose someone you will be able to replace and reshape your team. 

You will likely see more change than you want but it is essential to be ahead of this wave of change and be able to reduce any anxiety around headcount and if you are in a position to hire a way to show your plan and lead from the front.