Management Advice For Improved Department & Company Success

Here are twelve dedicated and proven management pieces of advice to improve the success of you and your department, alongside improving communications, connections and department performance. 

  1. Insights Over Dashboards: Dashboards are typically numbers without insights and campaign commentary. Without you speaking to your team, a dashboard won’t report the human vitals 
  2. Win Weekly: Create a win of the week for the team that everyone celebrates together
  3. Unsung Hero: Create an unsung hero of the month, celebrate those who go over and above, who consider it their job to deliver 
  4. Failure Is Not A Fail: Create a managers personal fail of the month – this breaks down barriers and enables failure to be discussed and recognised 
  5. Create Your Own Phrases: Have a set of keywords and phrases that mean important themes within your department or team, this allows you to understand the importance or severity of the issue 
  6. Time Ownership: Block out three ten minutes slots throughout your day. Have 30 minutes to build and reflect. (1) at the start of your days, arrange your day. (2) Before lunch to review the morning and plan the afternoon and (3) at the end of your day write down what went well and what to pick up tomorrow. 
  7. Is your team not communicating enough or need to cut through the noise? Ask for weekly stand-ups and sit-downs in audio or video format, this will help to create a richer media format and enable personalities to come through over written text. Slack and Teams both offer support for voice or video. 
  8. Internally Market Talent & Team Numbers – Rotate who updates the company on the performance numbers, campaigns and ideas.
    Give everyone a platform, not just the same people. Have a smaller team? Create 
  9. Templates Work – Create templates that help remove starting afresh every time. More than just PowerPoint or Google Slides templates, think: meeting agenda’s, decision document, one problem two solution framework, get to know me template, professional SWOT template,    
  10. Borrow From Miltary with BAR & AAR
    Before Action Reviews, review what you need to achieve, what you did well in previous campaigns and not so well and set yourselves up for success.
    After Action Reviews – instantly after a campaign, project or workshop is over, review the successful parts, the unsuccessful parts and what you need to do to optimise, and what is essential for the next campaign.  
  11. Create Collective Habits:
    Create a breakfast lunch and learn programme. Invite inspiring stories to be told.
    Share internal stories.
    Have a podcast listening club.
    Watch powerful Ted talks
    Select conference talks to watch and break down collectively.
    Internal conferences are often the best things you can do and help to co-coach and co-learn away from individuals hoarding knowledge from their solo conference experience. 
  12. Roadmap & Documentation: Keep a roadmap of all the important projects you have on and update constantly. Link to mockups, tests, results and after-action reviews 

Here are three other bonus recommendations to optimise your day and meetings. 

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