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Leaders Letter 7 – Givers And Takers

Givers and Takers


Good morning leaders,

I hope you feel refreshed from the weekend and you are looking forward to a good week.

This week’s leader’s letter is about Givers and Takers.

Adam Grant the organisational psychologist is well known for his books, podcast and his TED videos.

Adam has created excellent phrases and uses very clear messaging (sprinkled with some humour) from findings and his studies to improve businesses and teach the next generation of leaders.

I highly recommend you watch his TED Talk Are you a giver or a taker?

The Givers and Takers talk and his findings really stand out and will stand the test of time.

As we have all been challenged recently humans show the best and absolute worst of ourselves. However some people have something baked into them that just cannot be shaken off. In problem raisers, problem solvers and problematics I break down in a slightly different direction.

The TLDR of the Adam Grant findings:

Takers are ‘what can you do for me’ people. You are likely surrounded by them. Takers progress in the short term and seem to be rewarded. Takers like the name suggest take and rarely think about those around them. Although they raise in organisations quickly, they drop just as quickly.

Givers on the other hand, are for the long game, Givers think about others, they want to improve those around them, they teach, they share, they bring others together for the right reasons.

To quote Adam….
“Givers make organisations better”

In this time of change, consider how you want to progress, how you wish for your people to understand you, your leadership and the culture you are trying to create or recreate with the ever changing landscape.

Right now is a great time to address existing issues and issues potentially bubbling up under the surface.

Find the Takers and consider how that one bad apple can really impact your team.

If you are a Giver who was burned, consider how you can embrace your giver side again. Attempt to remove or dilute that bad experience.

Remember when you picture a taker from the present or your past, they generally lose.

If you are a taker, I would recommend you look around you and see how quickly you have impacted the team and consider how you move yourself into giving more and taking a lot less.

Go and give!

Thanks and have a great week.

‍Danny Denhard

Leaders Letter Newsletter

Leaders Letter 2 – Ride Of A Lifetime

Ride Of A Lifetime


Dear Leaders,

I trust this week has been productive.
I have recently finished Bob Iger’s The Ride Of A Lifetime, it is a truly remarkable business and leadership book.

Why read (or listen) the book?
Bob tells his detailed account of his early career inside TV and TV production, his career progression from a young leader inside ESPN through to thinking he was going to be overlooked when COO at Disney to take over from previous CEO Michael Eisner. The book is full of life and work lessons, the pressure of work and being able to think clearly and for the long term.

Bob’s account is more detailed than his masterclass and much better value.

Bill Gates has also recommended the book and said “a business book I’d actually recommend”.

Something to take away from this book is:
‘Never start small’
‘Never start negatively’.

Wise words!

Focus On:
In the coming weeks it is going to be important to zoom out, think big and productively with possibilities.

Until next week, focus on starting big and positively.

Danny Denhard