5 Leadership Books To Read In 2021

Here are the five business books I highly recommend reading by the close of 2021.

Including the Netflix culture book, Adam Grant’s take on thinking again, Matthew Syed’s way of rethinking the way we think and collectively learn, how to form better habits by Prof BJ Fogg and world war 2 inspired book by Malcolm Gladwell.

No Rules Rules – Reid Hastings & Erin Meyer

Why read it?

Great to understand how high-performance culture can be built and can be taught and if you do not fit, you can be moved on in the right way. 

Who should read it?

Business leaders and business owners.

Watch the below to help you get a flavour in under 6 minutes.

Friday Focus

Friday Focus – 9th April

This week’s Friday Focus includes five books we always recommend but the kicker is the quick-fire book review by YouTube channel Productivity Game.

How To Decide – Annie Duke

Annie Duke is my go-to author, her previous book think in bets is probably the best book on decision making with real-life examples out there.

Grit – Angela Duckworth

Angela’s TED talk is also a brilliant watch.

How To Negotiate – Chris Voss

Chris’ masterclass is a brilliant workshop from his book and years as an FBI negotiator.

Deep Work – Cal Newport

Cal is a brilliant thinker, author and podcaster, his latest book dives into why email breaks the hive mind and is not fit for businesses.

Atomic Habits – James Clear

Student of habit building and habit forming, James Clear is a brilliant writer and a one-person media empire. My go to resource for James Clear is 1% better everyday video, a must watch.