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The Future Of Work Keynote Presentation

I recently was a keynote speaker for the online Future Of Work Conference.

The future of work presentation was created to help businesses consider the future of work and the future of their business.

This presentation should act as a guide and inspiration on how to rethink your current approach and lead your company and lean into the future.

As a huge advocate for hybrid work and the hybrid office (aka an arena), many businesses are requesting their staff to return to the office at least 3 days a week (including Apple & Google), with this in mind, the presentation enables any version of hybrid to work.

The key message of the future of business

Business is going to be culture first.

The Full Future Of Work Presentation

Click to download the full deck


The deck is broken down into 8 quick-fire sections:

  1. The current state – broken world of work
  2. The company of the future
  3. How we address the issues
  4. The Focus WorkGraph
  5. 8 Concepts To Consider
  6. How to be successful
  7. Apps to use for what and when

Here are the important sections of the presentation explained:

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Broken World Of Work

The Future Work Co – What Work Will Look & Operate Like

The Focus WorkGraph

The 8 Concepts

To read more about concept 4: read this the loan system concept post and how it could improve your business and develop your people.

How To Be Successful & Address Issues

In the coming months, many businesses are going to have to make hard decisions about their future, about how to design the office, how hybrid will impact company culture, how to embrace the future of hybrid office and ensure all of their staff are listened to and developed, alongside improving business performance and hitting core KPI’s and OKR’s.

Watch The Future of Work Video