The Top 5 Most Read Articles & Resources

The most-read articles on Focus of 2021

The Hybrid Work Guide – help you to create the right hybrid set up for your business

The 7 business rules of Elon Musk – Help you understand why Elon Musk’s company have had such successful 2021 and why Elon hates pointless meetings

The business lessons from Jeff Bezos – Amazon’s chairperson is a business inspiration to many and this breaks down why Amazon is so smart and why their strategy of moats and customer obsessions is so vital to their dominance.

The Google Manifesto – The internal memo was shared far and wide this summer and particularly popular across LinkedIn. This is a good guide on how to rethink Hybrid and the stresses and strains we have all been under.

Andy Jassy’s (Amazon new CEO) first internal memo – it’s a masterpiece of internal communication and stating his intent under his guidance.