What To Learn From Mikel Arteta’s Emotional Dressing Room Team Talk On All or Nothing Arsenal

Many starting out on their leadership journey fail to tell their story.

They fail to tell their why, the something that makes them unique, the problems they have faced and the problem they are facing together.

“Leaders lead” is often seen as an alpha phase often seen as a stoic phrase, however, what Mikel does here is far more important.

Arsenal Head Coach Mikel Arteta breaks down his passions, drivers, and an incredible story of when he was a child (in the video clip below).

His incredibly personal moment before the Norwich game (in which Arsenal lost the first three games of last season) was filmed as part of the fly-on-the-wall series All or Nothing screening on Amazon Prime Video from August 4th.

What to learn and use in your leadership journey:

  • Tell your story – open up inside of work and sprinkle in external factors that power you
  • Be Passionate – Passion often unites people, show your passions, and take the opportunity to provide a graph or draw a visual to show how it can change
  • Show Pride: Offer your proud moment. Or revisit a proud moment
  • You Are Responsible – Let the team know you are there for them and you are responsible for them. Build that trust and safety for the team to bounce back or thrive
  • Culture & Building Cultural MomentsGood culture is built on trust, show how you trust the team
  • Collective Messaging – Before you go for an extensive campaign or product launch, get everyone together and remind them of the end goal, and what they are striving for.
    • This will create a bond and ensure those who are goal driven are part of making the change.
    • For the team players, you are showing them how they are being part of this important objective.

Sports can be dismissed as a direct comparison to the business world, however, in this one clip of a team that was struggling and building their DNA and in the near future the difference between most businesses will be how leaders lead and how company culture is embraced.


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