Company Culture

Why The World Of Work Is Broken

At Focus we are on a mission to address the many foundations of the broken workplace.

Simply put, here are the most common broken elements to the workplace.

Company Culture

  • Bad and toxic cultures
  • Company Culture is seen as a soft skill
  • Company Culture is shaped by the wrong people, leadership and HR are too far removed and dictate, don’t hear or feel what is broken
  • Company Culture is not traditionally connected to company performance – this is incorrect


  • Bad communication habits became the default
  • Under communicating important decisions and why actions were taken
  • Hiding behind statements and buzzwords – rather than being deliberate and taking the time to write clearly
  • Communication live and die by the spreading of the most valuable pieces of information, being kept in private channels, chats and emails do progress businesses forward


  • Lack of one company-wide strategy
  • Everything became a strategy to become important
  • Tactics and action plan is mistaken for strategy – this is confusing teams, departments and companies
  • Deliberate plan of actions that do not connect, it breaks companies progress


  • Leaders are too busy to lead, let alone manage
  • Managers have no leadership training or coaching
  • The best staff members are often promoted to become a manager to lead people, when they are not capable of leading
  • Leaders do not manage, they do not coach, they do not mentor – this is not leadership


  • Lack of feedback and open conversations lead to everyone being busy and people being deliberate
  • The badge of honour everyone has had to wear
  • Busy became an excuse to not deliver
  • No one has owned removing busy to become effective

Bad Meetings & Too Many Meetings

  • Default to decisions being made in meetings
  • Back to back meetings have become a hiding place for staff of all levels
  • Virtual meetings happen to update poor managers
  • Status updates that have to happen in a meeting as blinded by meeting culture

These are just four examples per broken functions of work.

The Focus mission is to fix the broken world of work and help businesses evolve.

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