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Introducing The Fixing The Broken World Of Work Podcast

Brand New Podcast From Focus:
Fixing The Broken World Of Work Podcast

I set myself an annual target, it’s a mission really, I challenge myself to speak to as many leaders as possible. 

It has been something I have done for the last five years and it was something I undertook for personal development. 

But when I created Focus, I wanted to open up the conversation, the plan was to invite leaders to write for leaders letters, to interview leaders on company culture, on the future of work, on leadership and on important topics such as well-being and mental health. 

I wanted to help develop leaders and help to grow people who manage to managers to actual leaders and build a better generation of leaders through high-quality content packed with useful tips and takeaways while offering frameworks, coaching courses, management coaching and executive mentorship programmes.

My long term plan was to interview in person (yes, in real life) and ask for Q&A from the audience and build a network of leaders who would support the next generation. 

Unfortunately due to covid, this has not been possible to build, so for the first step towards offering a way to fix the broken world of work, I took my conversations and recorded a podcast series “Fixing The Broken World Of Work”. 

I am extremely proud of the first season, it is packed full of brilliant stories, tips and actionable advice for execs, managers who want to transition to leaders and those wanting to make positive change at work.

It is deliberately binge-able and be able to be downloaded all at once, with no waiting from week to week!  

I want leaders on whatever stage of their journey to be inspired to listen, make numerous notes and share the podcast season with their teams and their managers around them. 

It’s a podcast series that is deliberately different. 

I created a hit list of guests who would not only be good guests but would actively try to tell their story and would offer guidance on improving the world of work, through their services but also their learnings and providing tips to offer actionable advice and learnings. 

You will hear from a wellness coach, cultural transformation consultants, innovation consultants, organisational health consultants, CEO of a software company building better software to bring companies closer together and a Head Of Culture whose role is improving company culture, not specifically old school HR (hiring and firing). 

Here are some podcast teasers:

Andy Reid from Genius Box

Jo Twiselton from Twist Consultants

Luke Kyte from Reddico

Matt Roberts from Zokri

Sharon Aneja from Humanity Works Consultancy

This series will help you to improve: company culture, digital transformation, leadership, innovation, management team development, teams wellness and wellbeing, alongside improving your internal communications.

The series is coming out the first week of August and will be live across all major podcast players. 

Each episode will be broken down, including being able to listen to each podcast, read the full transcript and reference to links, materials and books to buy or newsletters to sign up to. 

If you would like to be emailed when the podcast goes live add your details below and I look forward to your thoughts and success stories.