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What Makes A Great Business Leader?

In this anonymous advice column, we tackle what makes a great business leader.

Dear Focus, I want to understand what makes a great leader?

For me and with two decades of work, a great leader is someone who knows the importance of the following:

  • Unwavering ability to push a vision and help those around them guide their teams 
  • Have compassion for their staff and teams 
  • Inspires in almost every message 
  • Storyteller 
    • Never appears to be bored in pushing direction and acting as the compass for the company 
  • Leads from the front when they know that what the company or departments need 
  • Understands when to manage, coach, mentor or train  
  • Knows when to drive or be the passenger 
  • Knows when to 
    • Create time
    • Apply pressure  
    • Speak from the heart
    • Speak from the head 
    • When to ask the big question
    • When to ask the small questions – the why, the how, the when 
    • Take a step back when others cannot, see and guide the BIG picture  
    • (importantly) Knows when to ask for help and guidance on those they are not as knowledge

Typically, not one leader has all of these components, however, great leaders work towards improving daily, having goals to improve themselves and those around them.

Actions To Take:

Thanks and best of luck.

Danny Denhard

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